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Bob’s BMW Museum

Bob Henig, owner of Bob’s BMW Motorcycles and the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Museum is very excited to be displaying a dozen ultra-rare machines from his museum collection at the 2018 Timonium Motorcycle Show. 

A BMW from every decade from the 1920’s when BMW produced its very first motorcycle thru the 2000’s will be represented in this NEW show display.

The 1925 R32 to be displayed is one of just 3,090 produced between 1923 and 1926 in BMW’s Berlin factory and one of just sixty-four documented examples known to exist today.

“The World’s Fastest Darkroom”

Master Tintype photographer Rob Gibson’s 1938 Harley-Davidson sidecar IS his studio.

1938 Package Truck Rebuild – Custom fabricated into a fully functional Traveling Sidecar Darkroom.  

Attached to a 1950 Harley Davidson FL “Panhead.”

Industrial, Motorcycle Art, Americana, Landscapes…. anything goes when the world is the inspiration and the darkroom travels.

Top Motorcycle Drag Racers

Meet the riders and check out the fastest machines on two wheels competing in Top Fuel, Pro Fuel and Pro Street: Rich Vreeland, James Herbert and Brad Mummert.

“Also meet & greet with the Mid-Atlantic’s top Street ET, Pro ET, 560 and Crazy Eights Drag Racers and their wicked fast bikes: Shane Hull, Carrie Gearing, Antonio Solomon, Ronnie Settle, Mike Shulz, Jeremy Brown, Donald Butler, Derrick Milbourne, Mark Southard and David Poague.

The Custom Bikes of Jerry Tully 

Jerry’s bikes have been feautred in magazines such as Motorcyle Times, Never Ending Roads, and Fast Lane Biker, as well as on the Discovery Channel.

He has the gift of vision–the ability to “see” the bike before it’s built; to know what the outcome of a collection of parts and the selection of paint will be when it all comes together.

Stay tuned for more details on the bike’s Jerry and his team are bringing to the Show!

BMW Eye Ride Virtual Reality

Experience the thrill of two wheels without even leaving the fairgrounds! All weekend long, Bob’s BMW Motorcycles will be offering FREE Virtual Reality Test Rides at its booth in the Main Hall.

You will literally be sitting on the motorcycle with a virtual reality headset that will provide a massive field of view and your choice of an exciting on-road, off-road, or track experience.

No sign up is required, just visit Bob’s BMW Motorcycles in the Main Hall and tell one of the friendly faces with a Bob’s shirt on, you would like to take a virtual reality test ride on a 2018 BMW Motorcycle!

Hit play on the video!